Our Italy Bike Trip
May, 2002

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(otherwise known as the 'Birra D'talia')

Enclosed are our photos from our bike trip
to the Veneto region of Italy with Van Gogh Tours.

First and foremost, the cast of characters:

(Click on thumbnails to view full-sized images)

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Mike Sorgi
, baggage handler,
van operator and wannabe
Giro d'talia bike racer.
Co-owner (one half of the dynamite
Van Gogh Tour team)

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Huibertha van Teunenbroek, charming co-owner of Van Gogh Tours, married to the aforementioned Mike. 

Andrea, a chiropractor from the Bay Area whose favorite Italian words are cavallo and fegato. Her favorite Italian website is: bottegadelpane.com

Joelle, an architectural graduate student from Atlanta who shared with us the beauty of Italian architecture!

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John aka "Uncle Buffalo" an amatuer videographer, avid cyclist and all-around colorful character!

venice-lunch-dianer.jpg (42737 bytes)

Diane, 4 time Van Gogh tour participant who loves travel and bike touring!

venice-lunch-billr.jpg (43305 bytes)

Bill, Diane's partner in crime, biker and beer lover. Favorite Italian expression: "Altro birra rossa media al a spina, per favore" (roughly translated "another pint of pale ale, please")

Click on the highlighted towns on the interactive map below to view the photos!

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... or click on the links below to view the photos!

Asolo Asolo-
Vicenza Venice

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