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We love bicycling and vacation travel so we have found a perfect outlet, bicycle touring.
Click on the photos or the links below to view web pages of some of our bicycle tour vacations.


We took a trip stateside with Carolina Tailwinds to South Carolina on their 6 day Low Country Tour that was mostly biking with one day of kayaking thrown in for good measure! An interesting mix of Spanish moss, beautiful beaches, antebellum homes, historical plantations and the everpresent southern hospitality! After the tour we spent a few days in lovely Savannah, GA.

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 Our cycling holiday in the heart of Burgundy took us along the Sane River and  Burgundy Canal from Tournus to Dijon. C'mon along as we explore this beautiful region of France!

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Loire River Valley

 We spent seven days cycling and barge cruising in the picturesque Loire River Valley region  of France well known for its great white wines, the most notable being Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Fitted with comfortable 21 speed hybrid bikes, we cycled along quiet back roads, lightly traveled bike paths,

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 We had the adventure of a lifeteme cycling on the beautiful island of Pico in the Azores, a sub-tropical paradise with breath-taking scenery, friendly people, a rich maritime tradition, fresh seafood and great local wine.  Of course, cycling on a volcanic island presented a few cycling challenges but it made the experience that much richer.

Come along with us as we explore the Azores! 

 This year we cycled from Bruges, Belgium to Amsterdam in the Netherlands on a bike barge tour with Cycletours, Holland. We sailed on "De Zwaan", a luxury class barge and had a great crew consisting of Capt. Ilja , chef and first mate, Maarten and our excellent tour guide, Jakob. We were also quite lucky to have had such amiable cycling companions for this trip. This made for a wonderful, relaxing vacation. We booked this tour through Van Gogh Tours.

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 Join us in sunny Portugal, where we cycled down the coast from just south of Lisbon to Lagos, enjoying incredible seafood, beautiful weather, amazing coastlines and a great group of fellow cyclists. Our excellent tour guides, Goncalo and Nelson were the best, guiding us safely down Portugal's Blue Coast! Our 'Costa Azul' tour was provided by Easy Rider Tours!

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Buon Giorno from sunny Italy with Van Gogh Tours!

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Our journey took us to the beautiful San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington this year. Thanks to our wonderful hosts, Bicycle Adventures and our capable tour leaders, Jim Stevens and Doug Reid.

This year we visited the Provence region of France with Van Gogh Tours on their "Van Gogh in Provence" Tour. This was a visual, cultural and culinary delight from beginning to end.

Clare/Galway Ireland Bike Tour 2003 Photo Gallery

Ireland again?? Hmmm, let's see, challenging terrain, spectacular views, world class dining,  great group of cyclists, lots of laughs, pubs and Guinness beer. Need I say more???? Thanks, Celtic Trails Bike Tours for another top-notch cycling adventure! 

Italy Bike Tour 2002 Photo Gallery

Back to Italy again! This time we took the Villas and Vineyards in Veneto Tour with Van Gogh Tours. This was a wonderful visually pleasing and culturally rich experience as we visited some of Italy's most renowned villas and towns in the Veneto region.

Mayo/Sligo Ireland Bike Tour - 2001

This year, we made a visit to 'the auld sod" with Celtic Trails Bike Tours. Ireland is ruggedly beautiful, with more shades of green than you thought possible! This bike trip was not for the faint of heart but was worth every minute. A nightly stop in a local pub for a pint or two of Guinness didn't stink either!

Italy Bike Tour - 2000

Our first visit to Italy by bike, courtesy of Van Gogh Tours again and what an experience it was! We enjoyed lush countryside, dramatic breathtaking views , warm, friendly people and incredible wining and dining. Italy- La Dolce Vita!

Holland Bike Tour - 1999

A delightful romp through the the wildly colorful tulip, hyacinth and daffodil bulb fields of Holland, along with some interesting stops along the way! May thanks to Van Gogh Tours for providing a great itinerary & companionship!

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