What do you get when you...

Combine two energetic sisters from Australia (Karen & Simone), add a crooning New Zealander with a penchant for Guinness (Matt),  sprinkle generously with two adventurous friends from Maryland,  USA (Sam & Nancy), mix with a happy cycling duo from Massachusetts, USA (Diane & Bill), garnish with an athletic Dubliner with a beautiful smile, (Conchita), stir all ingredients together, simmering gently for one week under favorable Irish skies and serve with spectacular scenery, great food, lots of  laughter, fun & the odd pint of Guinness or two?

Answer: A recipe for a perfect Irish cycling vacation with Celtic Trails !!

Once again Celtic Trails has provided an awesome Irish cycling experience in the west of Ireland! Our capable and ever-smiling tour host, Paul McQuaid and his right-hand man, Dave McQuaid led us on a true cycling adventure in the wild and magnificent Connemara and through the beautiful county of Clare on their Clare/Galway Tour of the west of Ireland. The terrain was challenging and awe inspiring, as we cycled along sparsely travelled country roads with unbelievable scenery waiting 'round every corner.  Thanks to everyone for making this a truly memorable vacation!  Click on the gallery links (at left) to view the photo galleries!

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